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Is it time for you to move your business to a bigger property? Is your current location not fulfilling the requirements of your business?

Worried about moving your company’s entire IT infrastructure to a new location? We understand how crucial setting up the IT infrastructure in the new site is, and that is why we provide the perfect solution for you. Intelligent IT is one of the best IT support services in Los Angeles that makes office shifting simple, secure, quick, and convenient!

How does it work?

Here is how our team works to provide you with exceptional office moving services with a reduced downtime!

Step 1 – Preparing for the Move
Consolidated cloud servers with optimized workloads allow you to get more from existing resources. 

Step 2 – Backup and Storage
Once our experts have prepared the map of the entire office and have thoroughly cataloged all the equipment, they begin backing up and storing the data. Backup and storage devices are set up within the network and are checked for reliability.

Step 3 – Disassembling and Transporting the Equipment
Eliminate downtime, securely backup data without interruption and recover immediately from any unplanned outages.

Step 4 – Setting up the Equipment
Fast provisioning and dynamic load balancing for improved application performance.

Step 5 – Post-move Checking
Our team makes an extra visit to your newly set office space to check the system for any errors and address any complaints the employees have about the setup.


Why Choose our Office Move Service?

Thinking about why to choose our office move services? Well, we are the best IT support providers in Los Angeles for small and medium scale business. We have experts and professionals on-board with extensive experience in the field.

Off-Hours Service

If you are worried that the office shifting will cause you a good deal of downtime and loss of working hours, you don’t have to stress over it. We provide off-hour services, which means office shifting will not hinder the working of your company.

IT Experts

Our team has some of the most skilled and IT experts on-board who have extensive experience in moving the IT infrastructure for businesses.

Post-Move Service

We not only help you in setting up the It infrastructure for you in your new place, but we make sure that everything is perfectly functioning. Our teams visit the office to inspect the equipment and the network for any flaws.

Struggling with your office shifting?

Let us help you in moving your IT infrastructure to the new location and make your life simple, secure, and convenient!


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